Get These 27 Easy-to-Use Headline Templates for Your Book Descriptions!
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Copy & Paste These 27 Headline Templates To Get More Readers
  • "Unlikely Hero" Headline - Use this headline formula to turn an ordinary book description into one your reader's can't resist!
  • Captivating Statement - Discover how to use captivating statements at the end of your headline to pull in readers like a magnet
  • The "Advice to..." Headline - This headline formula makes you an instant authority!
PLUS: You'll get examples and how to use them for pulling in readers!
Get More Book Sales
In order for people to buy your book, you need to get them to read your book description (a.k.a. your "sales page."). It's just that simple.

If they don't read your book description, you have a much less chance of making the sale.

In order for people to read your book description, you need a very strong headline that arouses enough curiosity that people will read your  book description.
This FREE guide will give you 27 "Curiosity" Headline Formulas that you can use for your books!
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