Attention: Non-Fiction Authors
Do You Really Want to Sell More Books Today?
Announcing: The Video Series That Will Help You Sell More Books Even Faster!
10 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Book Sales on Amazon -- Video Edition
Dear Author,

In a minute, I am going to tell you all about this very special video series and…

…how you can practically steal this for your own personal use.

But first, let me ask you this….

Are you frustrated with your lack of sales on Amazon?

Do you wish you had more sales? A LOT more sales?

Enough sales that will put you on the Best Sellers List on Amazon—so you can make you a very nice passive income for life?

And what about those all-important customer reviews and feedback?

Wouldn’t you love to have more 5-star reviews for your book to raise your credibility?

That would all be nice, but unfortunately, that’s not a reality for so many authors.

For most authors it can be frustrating when you spend weeks, months—or maybe even close to a year—writing a book and no one sees it or buys it.
And the few who do buy your book (or just download it for free) give you some nasty 1-star review.

Not fun, is it?
I know that kind of scenario would send me down in the dumps!
I would be so frustrated if I put all that work into writing a book… creating a cover… paying for proofreading, editing and marketing… and then…

 …no one buys my book.


I could just kick and scream.

It would irritate me to no end if I had spent months writing a book…

…and only to find out that no one wants to buy it.

But it’s NOT your fault no one buys your book.

It’s because the cards are really stacked against you.

You see, Amazon only cares that they sell books, any books—but NOT your book.

So, they put a lot of selling features in place to sell as many books as possible, but they don’t benefit you or make you money.
Every time someone is on your book page looking at your book and thinking about buying, Amazon is right there offering up all your competitor’s books as a tempting treat!

How does that benefit you?

It doesn’t!

And don’t get me started about all the other stuff that stuff Amazon is now selling.

Books now are just a side business for them.
Amazon uses your book as a loss-leader to get people into their store to buy all their other more expensive products.

That’s why they’ve driven the prices down to 99 cents!

They aren’t getting rich off of selling 99 cent books, but they are getting rich by selling Kindles, Alexas, Echo Dots, Videos, Music and so on.

Every time you promote your book and send people to Amazon, you have a much better chance of selling some other product than your own.

Not fun, is it?

But you may be asking yourself,

          “What about all those big names who sell lots of books on Amazon?”

Yes, a few superstars broke out of the pack.

And because of that, everyone rushed to Amazon in a massive herd.

With so many people selling their books on Amazon, it’s getting harder and harder for you to get noticed and make a profit from your books!

Take a look at this grim statistic…
“There are somewhere between 600,000 and 1,000,000 books published every year in the US alone…”
—Forbes Magazine
That’s a lot of books!

How can you possibly compete with that?

You can’t!

Actually, you can…

if you have the right formula… which I will explain the full details below.

First, you should understand that in order to make significant profits from your online publishing you need an edge in this game.

Without an edge, you’re going to be one of the (very) many who only sell a few books, like what Publishers Weekly mentions here…
"The average book sells only 3,000 copies in its lifetime…The average U.S. nonfiction book is now selling less than 250 copies per year"
–Publishers Weekly
At $2.99 – $9.99 per book and a 30% commission, that doesn’t leave a lot of money for you. It makes you just NOT want to write another book!

Let’s just add that up, just so we have a very clear picture:
If you sold 350 copies a year

…and you’re selling at $9.99 (which is really the top price point), you’re looking at…

$3,496.50 in revenue for the year!

That’s not much to live on or even make a career out of.
It’s tough to make a go of it, so…
Do you feel like your book-publishing career is where you want it to be right now?

Do you feel unmotivated to write more books because your current books aren’t selling like they should be?

Do you wish you had an edge in the book selling game?

Do you wish you knew the one secret that no one else knew?
Getting your book noticed and purchased is a monumental task. As they say…
“If you think writing a book was hard, try getting someone to read it!”
When you’re just starting out with your book-publishing career, how do you even the playing field?

You have no reviews, credibility or audience.

It's hard, but this video series will make it a whole lot easier, but first you should understand...
And it’s not about traffic either!
I know dozens of authors who have spent hundreds and even thousands of dollars sending traffic to their books on Amazon and no one buys their book!

And I’ve also seen authors who have no marketing budget and don’t spend any money driving people to their Amazon page… but they sell hundreds of books!

How can that be?

Because it’s…
  • Not about how many reviews you get (although that helps).
  • Not about what your credibility is (plenty of successful authors started from nothing).
  • Not about having a huge social media following. (Social media is very overrated). 
  • Not about having a huge social media following. (Social media is very overrated).
I’ve seen authors start from no credibility, no audience, no reviews and the same price as everyone else.
And they sold thousands of books because they used the same strategies that I teach in this video series.
And you will see some of those examples from those authors in the videos.
Having a publishing career is the greatest business that anyone can possibly have.

Once your book is published, it’s all passive income for you. You really don’t have to do anything else, except write another book and build your empire.

What could be better than that?

But all that hard work goes to waste if you don’t sell any books.

There is a famous quote that says…

“Authors make good writers, but not good book sellers.”
Don’t take offense, but writing a good sales page is a rare and learned skill that takes many years to master.

The good news is that you won’t have to enroll in some intensive direct response copywriting course.

I’ve distilled the best sales copywriting tactics down just for authors like you, so can create an attention-grabbing and high-selling Amazon book description that will sell your books like crazy.

Selling more books isn’t really about getting more and more new customers to your Amazon page. It’s really about selling them once they get there.

Let me explain…
Getting MORE Traffic is NOT the Answer.
Let me tell you a quick story…
Many years ago my author-friend thought the answer to his problems was just a matter of getting more eyeballs on his Amazon page.

He couldn’t have been more wrong...
In order to get more eyeballs on his Amazon page, my author-friend took out an ad in a blogger’s e-newsletter—which had over 100,000 e-mail subscribers.

With an average click though rate of 60%, my author-friend was salivating at the idea that 60,000 people would see his book on Amazon.

When the ad went live and into subscribers’ inboxes, my friend was delighted when his book started moving up the Amazon rankings as people visited his book page.

His book ranking rose from 100,000 to 50,000 to 7,000 (my rough estimates).

However, in the end, he only sold nine copies of his book. That’s right…only 9 copies of his book were sold. Out of all that traffic, he only sold nine copies.

This crushed him and ended his publishing career.

Even though it costs nothing to have a book hosted on Amazon indefinitely, my friend was so disillusioned by the results of his traffic campaign that he removed his book from Amazon and never published another book.

You can send thousands of people to your book on Amazon, but if you don’t give them a compelling reason to buy, they won’t.

It’s just that simple.

This is why this video series is so important to authors everywhere because it harnesses the traffic you do have and turns them into real buyers.

And that’s what you need to do.

You won’t sell any books unless you give people a compelling reason to buy your book

This videos series will give you the tools to give your audience a reason to buy your book.
The secret to big profits on Amazon is all in how you sell your book
What few people know is the power of writing a good book description for their books.

Back in the day of paperback and hardcover books, these book descriptions were called “blurbs” and they amounted to no more than 150 words on the back of the book.

Today, book descriptions are full-blown sales pages. Amazon allows 600 words. Why? Because Amazon (the biggest online retailer on the planet) knows that well written sales pages for books (and other products) sell MORE books!

It’s just that simple.

This type of sales copywriting (known as direct response copywriting) has been used for years to sell Tony Robbins programs, Beach Body videos and even Snuggies. These are products that wouldn’t have sold just by getting traffic or viewer’s eyeballs. They needed to tell a compelling story as to why people needed have these products.
However, it’s not just writing about what your book is about or how great you are.

There is a special formula that makes big sales. Few people know this formula—except professional sales copywriters.

Sales copywriters like me know this formula very well. I charge my clients over a $1,000 to write their book descriptions for them. This is serious business!

In a minute, I will show you how you can get this secret knowledge in 10 easy-to-follow videos…
And I put all this great book selling information into ten easy-to-follow videos that you can watch online or download to your favorite device for offline viewing.

Once you watch all ten videos, you will be a master at selling your books.

And you will go back to all your book descriptions and apply the techniques you learned and watch your sales soar. No kidding!

Who Am I?
Since we’re talking about these special techniques and how I can help you write Amazon book descriptions that help you sell more books, let me introduce myself…

I’m Ash Waechter, and I’ve been helping clients with their online marketing for 15 years. I helped clients make more sales on their check-out carts, Google Ads, websites and so on.

Today, I work exclusively with self-help authors create a huge following for their books and other media.

I put together this program because I’ve seen too many authors miss a golden opportunity to boost their Amazon profits—which no one else is doing.

We all know about key-wording and putting your books in the right categories, but no one talks about how to get your customers interested in your books and get people to actually buy your books.

That’s why I created the video series.

Once you watch these videos, you’ll be on your way to making more sales on Amazon.
The best part is you don’t even have to watch all the videos.

Just pick out the ones where you think you will benefit the most.

Not only will you boost your sales on Amazon, you will also get much better reviews.

Because when your book description is more aligned with your readers’ experiences, they will reward you with a five star review.

The reason why so many books get poor reviews is because their expectations weren’t met. Either the book had no description, or it wasn’t presented properly.

This annoys readers and they show their dissatisfaction with a one-star review.

Of course, you know this can be devastating to new and experienced authors trying to build an audience.
Watching these carefully crafted videos is much better than anything you can find online.

There is clearly some bad advice on how to sell your book on Amazon.

The problem is…(and please forgive me for my offensiveness)…this advice is coming from authors who are great at writing books but NOT great at selling them.

You need to learn how to sell books from someone who makes their living selling stuff, especially information.
Here's what they had to say...
"So I spent the night watching your videos, taking notes. Tomorrow I will be submitting the changes to my eBook description plus other things. Really got my mind roaring!  I am so excited to add even more value and bonuses for my readers to help them feel alive again!" 
--Tony Wolfe, author of Awaken the Warrior Within
“I found your guide to be very helpful and eye opening. I was just getting ready to release my latest book when I decided to wait and read your guide. Now I am changing the way I did my original book description using your ideas. It will take a few weeks to get it right. So, hopefully I will release the book in January sometime. Thanks so much!”
--Joe Brennan, author of Loving Your Life: Making the Most Out of Today, Tomorrow, and Every Day
Here's what you get in this video series...
10 Videos in all PLUS + FREE Bonuses
Video 1: Strong Headlines Force Readers to Take Notice
In this video, you will write headlines that knock people over the head and pay attention. If you can’t grab them with a strong headline, no one will read anymore—and you will lose sales. This is the most important part.

Video 2: Arouse Curiosity to Get Readers to Read More
The hardest thing is to get people to pay attention to what you have to say. This video will show you some very successful strategies to get people to pay attention and get closer to your book sale. This technique will also help you with your future in crafting amazing book titles.

Video 3: The More You Tell, The More You Sell
Think you’re doing yourself any favors by being brief? Think again. This strategy has untapped potential in increasing awareness for your book. And it’s easy to implement. Don’t miss the valuable lesson in this video as they can also be applied to your blog as well.
Video 4: Bullet Points Are the Lifeblood of Your Book Description
Think bullet points are there just for fun? Think again. Bullets are like mini headlines that get people to take action. If you master this one section, the rest of the process will be super easy.
Video 5: Be Ultra Specific and Be Believable
The more you can paint a detailed picture for your audience, the more credible you will come across. And the more credibility you have, the more book sales. It just that simple.

You’ll be shown examples from world class authors how have sold hundreds and thousands of books—and how they used the concept of “Ultra Specific” to engage their audience.
Video 6: Don’t just tell your book. Sell Your Book!
You’ll discover the biggest mistake authors make when selling their books on Amazon. In this module, you will see how a bad book description can be rewritten to sell more books.
Video 7: The Art of Good Formatting
No one will read your book description if isn’t formatted properly. You’ll learn the strategies that the big time authors use to get people read their book descriptions—also known as the sales page. This is critical to making more sales.

You’ll also be given a link on how to easily format your book like the pros
Video 8: Strong Calls-to-Action Make the Sales!
Unless you actually tell people to buy your book, they are very unlikely to do so. However, it’s a little more complicated than just saying, “Buy my book!” Don’t make these critical mistakes.
Video 9: Understanding Your Amazon Book Page
This video will take you through all the little features of your Amazon book page that nearly all the other authors miss. Once you understand these features, you will be way ahead of the game.
Video 10: Develop An Audience
Discover how to build your tribe. You don’t need a big tribe, but if you watch this video you will see how easy it is to do.
Worksheets & Templates
Instead of writing down notes, many of the videos have worksheets with exercises that will help you create your sales page (book description) that much faster. It’s almost like cheating.

Most of the lessons (where applicable) come with a worksheet (sometimes two worksheets) where you can just plug-n-play.
Who this is for...
  • Non-fiction authors who aren’t making enough sales on Amazon 
  •  New authors who want to have a successful publishing career
  •  Life coaches who have just written a book and need to make big sales now
  •  Published authors who want to boost their rankings on Amazon

Amazon sales rankings are so important.

If you don’t get your sales up in the first few days or weeks, you’ll miss out on getting on the Best Sellers List. You don’t want that to happen.

This video series will show you the strategies that bestselling authors use to sell their books—to the tune of over a half a million copies sold.

Get All 10 Videos + FREE Bonuses For Only $47!
10 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Book Sales on Amazon -- Video Edition
This video series is ONLY being offered at this $47 price at this time.
At any other time, you would pay between $197 and $297 (depending on what special offers are happening at the time), but no less!

Don’t regret not taking action now.

Success is all about taking action.

The biggest successes in the world talk about taking action and NOT deliberating for too long.
And this is NOT a subscription. You pay only one fee ONE time.
  • NO additional fees or dues
  • NO monthly sign up
  • NO trial offers
This is a standalone product! You get the full package of videos after payment is processed.
Once you pay, you will be given a link to access this videos hosted on Dropbox.

You can choose to watch the videos online or you can download them and watch them at a later time or transfer them to another device.

The only thing you can’t do is give them away or upload them to any site where people can access the videos for free.

You probably spent money—maybe even hundreds or thousands—on your book design, your cover design, editing and proofreading.

And probably even spent more money on book marketing, promotions, publicity and much more. And all that probably cost you thousands of dollars.
Now, as important as it was to get all those things done, there is nothing more important that having a great sales page for your book.

On Amazon, it’s your book description, but else where it’s your sales page, so you want to have the best sales page you can get.

I charge over a thousand dollars to write book descriptions for my clients. And other copywriters charge about the same.

But, you will get all the sales copywriting secrets in this one easy to watch video series.

I’m going to sweeten this offer for you...
I’ve included some bonuses that you can’t just pass up. These aren’t ordinary bonuses. For one, you will get one-on-one personal help for Free (see Power Bonuses below for details).
FREE Bonus #1: Top Ten Calls to Action
This list has been carefully selected and curated from the top selling books on Amazon.

If you’re stuck on how to get your prospect to buy your book right now without thinking twice about it, just plug in one of these profit-generating calls-to-action. You get ten in all. You won’t need more than that!

FREE Bonus #2: 21 Great Book Descriptions
Feeling stuck on what to write for your book description? Just look at this list of winning book descriptions that have made their authors very rich.

This list has been carefully selected so you’re only getting the best.

FREE Bonus #3: The Perfect Book Description Template
After reviewing hundreds of book descriptions, the book-description development process has been boiled down to a simple template that is easy to use.

Just plug your words into the format, and you’re ready to go. Plus you will get a link to a free HTML tool that create the proper formatting code for Amazon.

Video Bonus: Ten Strategies to Remember
This covers new concepts that aren’t covered in the first ten videos.

I’ve saved the best for last. These bonuses won’t be offered like this at any other time.
FREE Power Bonus #1: 
Book Description Personal Review & Coaching ($500 value) FREE!
After you’ve written your first book description, I will personally review it so it’s in absolute saleable condition. I usually charge over $500 to consult with authors about their book descriptions and how to make the most of Amazon… and I even charge over $1,000 dollars to write a book description for them.

But you’ll get this FREE once you purchase this program.

The details are in the program. All you need to do is send me the URL of your Amazon book. I will review it and give you my recommendations for making it better.
FREE Power Bonus #2: 
Book Promotion Strategy Session ($397 value) FREE!
While having a great book description is great, but having an overall book promotion strategy is even better.

This strategy is a FREE bonus valued at over $397.

After you make this purchase, you will taken to a page where you can book your free strategy session.
FREE Power Bonus #3: 
“How to Make $12,017 Every Month by Leveraging Your E-Book the Right Way” Kit ($297 value) FREE!
This is a special audio series, guide and workbook will help you leverage your book into a real passive income—an income that rivals a six-figure salary. I've got to warn you…this isn’t for the faint of heart. It will take a little effort on your part.

But it’s FREE so what do you got to lose?

This free kit comes with a quiz, calculators, workbooks, infographics and sales funnels so you can calculate how much money you’ll make by leveraging your book the right way.
Do you need anymore reasons to buy this video series?
Marketing is hard
That’s why so many people fail at it.
According to Business Insider nearly half of all new businesses fail after just 5 years.

When they fail, it’s because they failed to bring in new customers through effective marketing.

And authors fail at marketing more than any other sector.

Writing a book is one skillset. Getting people to read it is another!

You need an edge over other authors, and this video program will give you that edge…

…because it will show you the newest and best strategies that professional direct marketers use…

… to sell anything from bestselling books to “pump-you-up” exercise DVDs.
As they say,
“If you thought writing a book was hard, try getting someone to read it.”
You are an author, and you’re great at what you do. You write books that entertain and inform. You write books that people just can’t put down.

But writing sales copy is a completely different animal.

Did you know that architects don’t make very good portrait artists?

Both are great skillsets to have, but both completely different.

No architect would attempt to draw portraits…

…and no artist would attempt to design a building. Wouldn’t you say?

But sadly many authors attempt to write a good sales page for their book.

This is where you will have an unfair advantage with this social video course.

You will learn the tactics that have been used by professional sales copywriters to sell books, CDs, DVDs, eBook and so on to the masses.
In this program, you will discover…

•    How to write a headline that incorporate the three essential ingredients that get people to click on that BUY button

•    The One statement that has proven to increase sales by 20% across the board.
Don't get overwhelmed by all the free choices out there. Make a commitment today.
If It’s FREE, It Ain’t FREEEE!
The one thing all professional internet marketers can agree on is that there is “too much free AND confusing information online.”
Think about all the free information you’ve consumed already.

How helpful has it been?

Sure, a lot of it has been very helpful, but most of it just sucks all your time…

…and leaves you right back where you started!

Most free information is just a trap to get you to buy the real program.

I lay everything out right here. I’m here to give you real value. This is the REAL program!
How much value would you put on a free sofa that you got from the side of the road?
Often times, when you get free information, you read some of it and then go off to do something else.

But when you put real money into something, you will absorb that information like a sponge and then execute on it.

Now that’s real progress!

That’s how you become real successful. And in this case, that’s how you’re going to sell MORE books!
Is Your Book Selling Like Hotcakes?
What does that mean anyway—hotcakes?
The real matter is…

Are you happy with how your book is selling?

If you are, then by all means leave this page. Everything I have to say won’t be much use to you.

But if you’re real concerned that your book isn’t making the sales you need to further your career, then stick around.

There are many stories that traditional marketing strategies for promoting don’t work. Not only do they NOT work, but they suck all your money out of your pockets.

In this program, I dispel all those myths while giving you real strategies that will increase your book sales.

I’m very certain you haven’t heard these strategies before.

And if you have, you are protected by my 90 Day Full Money Back Guarantee (more on that later).
(Yes, watching this video series is a lot like having a stack of warm hotcakes).
I know I couldn’t get nearly a tenth of that information from YouTube, and I would have wasted countless hours fumbling around and trying put all the pieces together.
YouTube Is Great—For Wasting Time!
If your business means anything to you, you know that now is time to really focus on what’s important to you.
Wasting time on YouTube to pick up some “marketing secrets” is not going to get you anywhere—well, at least any further than you are now.

I’m NOT knocking YouTube.

I’ve gotten some good tidbits from there, but when it comes to real learning, I invested real money in many, many online (and offline) courses…

…courses that forced me to really buckle down and get things done. Every one of them was time and money well spent.
Advertising Won’t Get You
Very Far
"I’ll just put $47 toward promoting my book"
There is an author (whom shall remain nameless) who reported substantial losses when he tried to promote his book using Amazon’s advertising services.

Of all the popular online advertising services (Facebook, Google, Amazon) Amazon is by far the best for authors.

But the numbers still don’t work out for authors.

Even if you’re cost-per-click is extremely low like 16 cents per click, you would need an unbailable high conversion rate—which doesn’t exist.

The average for most industries is 3%. That’s 3% of the people who click on your ad BUY your book.

This author (mentioned above) had a CPC of 32 cents. His book was for sale for $4.99. He would need a very high conversion rate to make his book profitable.

Sadly, this is just not going to work.

So, even if you put the $47 toward some advertising effort, you’re just not going to get a return on your investment.

And besides that’s just a one-shot deal. With this video series, you’re getting an education that can apply to ALL your books. If you have 5 books, that’s less than $20 per book that you’re spending to get higher rankings and more sales.

If your book was just $2.99, you would only need to sell 7 more copies of each book to make this whole video program pay for itself.

Would you be able to do that with a Pay-Per-Click campaign from Facebook, Google or Amazon with $47? No!

It’s far better to invest in knowledge than a totally unknown marketing scheme.

For book authors, the numbers for advertising just don't add up. This is why you need a completely different strategy for getting your book ranked high.
Don’t Waste Another Moment!
"I don’t need this right now"
Competition is stiff.

Supply is going up and demand is going down.

Time is critical right now.

The faster you move, the better situated you are.

Why you need this right now:

•    Every day that goes by is lost revenue for you
•    Every marketing mistake you make will mean lost profits
•    Your competition is starting to catch on to these tactics every hour of every day
Everyday you wait to make your publishing career a reality is another day spent wishing you had taken more opportunities.
  • NO Monthly Signups
  • NO other materials needed
  • NO limited access
This is a ONE time product that you can download now.
At $47, This Program Is a Steal!
More people spend money on their video games… personal electronic devices… service plans… etc. than they do to educating themselves on how to further their careers.

And at the same time, these same people spend $50,000… $75,000 and over $100,000 on their college education that won’t get them a job that pays more than $35,000/year.

$47 is a steal when it comes to furthering your career goals.

But only for a limited time because it will go up to $297 before too long.

And did I mention that the $47 is a ONE time fee?

That’s right!

You only pay ONCE. No other fees or materials needed.

PLUS: You’ll get over $1,497 in FREE Bonuses (more on that later).
90 Day Money Back Guarantee
I know that things get in the way, so I don’t expect you to go through this all at once. This is why I am offering a 90 Day Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee to you. (Hey, I don’t like to be rushed as much as the next guy).

If during these 90 days, you absolutely don’t feel this has been worth the money you paid for, and it hasn’t helped you increase your sales on Amazon, simply ask for a refund. NO questions asked.

The last thing I need on my mind is a disappointed customer. My business and reputation are too important to risk by NOT having a disappointed customer out there.

If you don’t get this now, you could pay up to $297 at a later date.
This is yours for just $47.

It normally sells for $297, but right now, you can get this for just $47. That’s less than your cable bill, and it could make you lots of money for your book.

Order right now without delay to get your 10 videos… the FREE Bonuses… and The FREE Power Bonuses.
This offer is ONLY on this page and right now. Come back at any other time and this low price of $47 will no longer be available.
Now, you do have a choice...
You could choose to do nothing and do what you’ve always done and that is to hope and pray your sales go up.

And spending more time and money “marketing” your book. You can keep banging away on social media... blogging... guest blogging... sending out Tweets... build an audience on Facebook...


You could grab the program at this low price of $47 and skyrocket your book sales on Amazon.

The choice is yours.

Ash Waechter
P.S. With a 90 day money-back guarantee... plus my FREE personal coaching, this really is the best thing you can do right now for your publishing career.
Grab Your Video Series
Now For Only $47 - LIMITED TIME!
90 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!
P.S. - If you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... for just $97, you're getting the 10 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Book Sales On Amazon video series. PLUS Bonuses (details above).
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